When You Are Fighting the Blank Page

Written on July 13, 2017

Step Into the Ring When I come to the blank page, it’s not always a Hemingway moment for me. Often, I’m bouncing on the balls of my feet, with clenched fists dangling at my side. A light layer of sweat gathers over my brow as I prepare to enter the ring with Muhammad Ali. My…


My Forever Love

Written on June 4, 2017

Why are you not speaking? Not saying what you’re thinking Never expressing from the heart Disregarding what is the truth? I see you walking ‘round Looking up and down Standing still in the commotion Swirling and speaking half-truths. In the lies, where I reside Beyond the fiction, behind Conviction just left of fact, I know you…

Brenda Moguez, Writer

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